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Brescia - Brescia

Located in Brescia in an industrial-style building, this eatery is the symbol of a work inclusion project dedicated to young people with disabilities

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Cella 404 restaurant in Brescia is a place recommended by Brescia a Tavola. A few steps from Piazzale Arnaldo, an enviable location with a large internal room, outdoor area with…

Rifugio Cavallino – Capovalle
rifugio passo Cavallino della fobbia, rifugio passo cavallino, Capovalle, BS, Italia
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Piazza Giuseppe Malvezzi, 19, Desenzano del Garda, BS, Italia
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Viale Guglielmo Marconi, 6, Verolanuova BS, Italia
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Via Ostiglia, 3, Brescia, BS, Italia
Restaurant Dukka – Brescia
Via dei Musei, 9, Brescia, BS, Italia
da 50 a 60 Euro
Cella 404 – Brescia
Via Spalto S. Marco, 22, Brescia, BS, Italia
da 50 a 60 Euro
Aroma – Brescia
Via Trieste, 56b, Brescia, BS, Italia
da 40 a 50 Euro
Bistrot Duomo – Brescia
Piazza Paolo VI, 25, Brescia, BS, Italia
da 30 a 40 Euro
Amante – Caffè, Lunch and Dinner Restaurant
Piazza del Vescovato, 1a, Brescia, BS, Italia
da 40 a 50 Euro
Alessandro Cappotto Food Emotion in Villa Calini
Via Ingussano, 19, Coccaglio, BS, Italia
da 45 a 50 Euro
Restaurant La Sosta – Brescia
Via S. Martino della Battaglia, 20, Brescia, BS, Italia
da 60 a 70 Euro