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Le Torbiere del Sebino | Brescia a Tavola

The vast and varied province of Brescia, with its many lakes and rivers, mountain peaks, gently rolling hills covered in vineyards, lakesides green with olive and lemon groves, and flatlands among the most fertile in Europe, offers another side still to be discovered by discerning visitors – its cuisine!

Local produce, dishes, recipes, all reflect history and become an excellent pretext for making fascinating discoveries.
Wines, cheeses, salamis, fish, olive oil, forest fruits, honey and so much more, combining the traditions and culture of single realities to become one in valorising the area.

Bringing us the fragrances of summer pastures and woods, the cheeses from the beautiful Brescian valleys. These are Valle Camonica, Valle Sabbia and Valle Trompia, rich not only in greenery but history and culture, too. History is everywhere in the rock carvings, ancient churches and castles, while we find culture reflected in the Bagolino Carnival and the centuries-old iron industry.

Tasty salamis trace a path along an ideal itinerary from mountain to plain, offering visitors unusual art trails and tourism in bucolic surroundings.
The famous Lake Garda, the poetic Lake Iseo and the picturesque Lake Idro all offer traditional and qualified hospitality in the harmonious midst of atmosphere, relax, culture and cuisine. Olives and citrus fruits are grown along the slopes surrounding the lakes thanks to the mild climate.
Valtenesi and Franciacorta display their prestigious vineyards dotted with noble mansions and ancient castles.
Brescia, endowed with charm and special events, can boast a rich culinary tradition in sweetmeats: biscuits and pastries, bossolà and persicata can all be found in the most well known patisseries.

Renowned restaurants and family taverns, farm restaurants and noble wineries, food boutiques and stands on local weekly markets all attract those with a healthy appetite.
Sagras and Wine&Food Fairs are a great excuse for following the food trails that, all year long, lead us through the meanders of flavours and fragrances, art and culture, entertainment and relaxation, in our quest to discover and experience the extraordinary land of the Province of Brescia.

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